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Zahid Shareef
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Zahid Shareef is Born 21 October 1963 is an international hockey player who represented Pakistan for 4 years(1987-1990).He in his career scored 21 goals playing in 63 matches.He is remembered for his exceptional dribbling skill.He was banned from the game in a controversial manner for 6 month.He retired an immature retirement in 1991.Born in Chauburji,Lahore,Zahid Shareef developed a keen interest in sports specially hockey.Known for his tremendous dribbling skill,pin point passing and superb acceleration he caught the attention of the PHF scouts.

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Game Change
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“ Game Change is excellent. Well written. Well researched. Well reasoned. Informative. Intriguing. Thought provoking.”—Bob McKenzie, TSN “Game Change is arguably Dryden's most significant book since The Game, which is still widely regarded as the greatest hockey book ever written and as one of the best sports books of all time. As good as The Game was, this latest work is the more important to read right now.” —Brett Popplewell¸ Globe and Mail “Ken Dryden's new book, Game Change [is] a powerful and convincing examination of hockey's failure to address the growing issue of concussions.” —Roy Macgregor, Globe and Mail 'Ken Dryden’s superb new book, Game Change, is about the brain and head shots and concussions. But more than that, the thread that carries you through this well-crafted story is the life of Steve Montador . . . who was destroyed too young by injury and circumstance.” —Steve Simmons, Ottawa Citizen

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